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3 Things I learned About Garter Belts

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My new bestie: The Ruffled Garter Belt

I bought this garter belt on eBay after having had affairs with other garter belts that just didn’t hit the spot. Here is what I learned, consider it my thesis on garters:

1. The size of the garter matters.

While the cuteness of a garter belt is important, it’s more important that it looks cute on your unique and gorgeous body. How your weight is distributed can effect your garter belt decision.If you’re thicker around the middle (like me), you may find a thicker garter belt waistband fits better and gives a more proportional visual – which can accentuate an hourglass look. If you have a flatter tummy, consider garter belts with accents (you can add them!) on moving out towards the hips. This also draws the eyes outward and creates an hourglass, curvalicous look.

My ruffled garter belt is an example of a thicker waistband – I love how adorable the ruffles are, but it’s also extremely comfortable. It also provides me with coverage over my lower tummy, so I have a longer line from my stockings to my waist.


Ideally, you’d be trying these on in a store somewhere, but a lot of us are avid online shoppers. I tend to try on different styles and materials in places like Stag Shop to get a feel for the stretchiness and movement of the materials (e.g. lace, vinyl, fabric, rubber, possibilities are endless!).

Pro-tip: Garter belts in cheaper lingerie shops tend to come with their own set of garter straps attached. You can find garter belt waistbands on their own, though not as common. If you don’t like the straps that are on there, cut them off and invest in a pair of class garter clasps. The garter clasps will attach to the waistband and your thigh high, can can even be part of your burlesque peel if you choose. Here’s where I bought mine.

2. Where to wear it?

Experiment with it above your belly button and below your belly button. Don’t forget to check out your bum in the mirror too – where the garter belt falls makes your cheeks look rounder or flatter.

There’s no hard and fast rule – do what looks hottest on you. You can choose to keep it on during your act, but if you do, keep the entire garter look in tact – clasps, straps, thigh highs. Having a set of flapping straps during your act – not hawt.


3. Accessorize it

The garter belt is part of your costume. You can choose to invest in just one and use it for your other pieces, my favourite black ruffle one is pretty transferable to different acts. Or you can choose to make it a dynamic part of the costume. The benefit to customizing it is that it will draw attention to it as a piece of the overall persona you are creating, it brings the bottom half and top half of you together visually. Here are some quick and cheap ideas to add some pizazz to your garter belt:

  • Mardi Gras beads – buy dollar store strings of beads and loop them on the sides of your garter belt. This draws attention to your luscious thighs and fills out the presence of the garter belt on the side of your body
  • Fringe – if your garter belt doesn’t have a ruffle or a pattern, you’re probably going to want to add some fringe to it. You can add a longer fringe all around or a shorter fringe to the leg bottom of the garter belt waistband. Fringe gives the illusion of faster and sharper movement. This is perfect for the garter belt because of it’s geographical location on your body – your shake shake shakin’ hips and bum.
  • Rhinestone it – obviously.

Do you like garter belts or find them too old-fashioned? Share some pics of your sexy and fabulous garter belts! Tag me on Instagram.


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