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3 Tips for Choosing Thigh Highs


Thigh highs or stay ups are both a visually delicious treat for the hosiery-minded and a very seductive item to peel during a burlesque act. Thigh highs cover the leg with sheerness that provides the peekaboo allure that drives audiences bananas. Peeling thigh highs makes the audience feel like they are in your bedroom with you. Revealing your pointy toes, thighs and calves reminds the audience of all the amazing lines and strength your legs create.

Choosing the right thigh highs can ensure you slip off the right pair for the right act. What’s the right pair? It’s the one that makes your audience wish it was hosiery on your body.

  1. Stay up or thigh high?

Stay ups general refer to thigh highs that ‘stay up’ on their own, i.e. without a garter belt. The have a coating upper thigh lace that sticks to your skin (unless you start sweating).

With thigh highs, you’ll need to clip them to the garter straps of a garter belt. This creates a very sexy vintage look and gives you something else to peel with the thigh highs. You’d be sexily unclipping the garter straps and either slipping out of or unclipping the garter belt. Never leave straps flying around during an act.

With stay ups, no garter belt is necessary. You have options for solid or lace tops that possess the adhesive. Be sure to hand wash with a gentle lingerie cleaner to make the adhesive last as long as possible.


I like both depending on the look I’m going for with an act. If you have thicker thighs, like I do, make sure you play with positioning of the top of the thigh high….over or under the jiggly bits at the top of the thigh? Whatever makes you feel sexiest is what you should choose. Stand in the mirror with your legs apart and together and do some high kicks. Ok that last part was just for my amusement….

  1. Pin up line down the back and fishnets

These are both sexalicious looks on those burlesque legs. Both will please and delight hosiery fetishists in your audience. A couple of considerations:

The pin up line down the back visually lengthens the line of your leg and draws the eye up to your fabulous bum. The only challenge with this is putting it on so that the line is completely straight. If you have thicker thighs, like me, this can be a challenge because your shapely legs fill out the thigh high in different places, thereby distorting the positioning of the line.

Fishnets remain a classic iconic lingerie piece. You can have big diamond net or smaller fenced net or mixed patter net. Whatever the case, the net is what you’ll need to be careful with. When peeling fishnets, they can sometimes not have the same sleekness in the peel as a smoother nylon. You can use the push-down peel instead of trying to take it off by pulling at the toe. You’ll have to guide fishnet down a little more than other net. If you find a fish pattern that overlays a sheerer hose, you can eliminate the texture issue.

  1. Keep a practice pair

There is nothing worse that ripping your signature pair of thigh highs days before your performance. Once you have mourned the loss of that special pair, repurpose it in retirement as your Practice Pair.

Got hose tips? Favourite brands? Unique pairs? Video peels? Shout out below in the comments, would love to hear from you.


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