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Bring Burlesque to Your Bedroom Tonight

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If you adore the glitter, sexiness and empowerment of burlesque. You want to bring the art of tease into your sex life. But you’re not sure how and you’re worried you may feel silly. Replace ‘silly’ with ‘sexy’ and read on to find out the ‘how’.

What do you need to bring burlesque into the boudoir?

It’s really not that hard to get your burlesque on in the bedroom. You need four main things:

  1. A desire to seduce
  2. Things to peel off
  3. A song or two that makes you feel sexy as f*#k
  4. Red lips (optional)

Are you ready?

Let’s be honest, you may feel that you’ll look silly, or that things will jiggle that you don’t want to jiggle or that you’ll appear uncoordinated. All reasonable anxieties that would apply to a burlesque performance, a night on the town or giving a big presentation at work.

What if I look silly?

What if you look so sexy that you don’t get to finish your routine before your lover jumps your boa?

What if I jiggle?

The more jiggle the better. Burlesque is a celebration and decoration of the diversity of women’s bodies. Trust me, your audience will go wild for thighs and butts and bellies that bounce and jiggle. It’s womanly, do your best to own it. Likewise, if you feel you aren’t voluptuous enough, watch some burlesque videos on YouTube and practice posing in the mirror so you can see how to create illusions that work best for your body to create curves. The easiest way to enhance your curves is to do a bevel. Think about putting all your weight on one leg and turning only your knee inwards. Instant curves.

Here’s my burlesque bevel: (make into two column)


What if I look uncoordinated?

Burlesque is the art of tease. Showing off your shoulder should be just as sexy as your boobs. You don’t need to know how to dance. You only need to be confident that you have something to offer the person in front of you to quench their desire for you. Remember, it’s only about four minutes max of all eyes on you.

Set the stage for seduction:

While you are the main attraction, setting the mood for seduction can add a lot to how your audience feels. Here are three simple ways to set the stage for seduction:

  • Lighting – dim the lights, but not too dark – you want to show off!
  • Aromatherapy – light a candle, incense, whatever it is that will set the mood and stimulate many senses
  • Snapchats/Sexts throughout the day­ – the tease begins before the bedroom. Maybe a photo of your unbuttoned blouse or your lips or hands on your thighs.

Using props:

Anything can be a sexy prop – so don’t be afraid to use an ordinary object like a throw cushion or a chair or a wooden spoon. Here are some other household items you can repurpose as a sexy prop:

  • Silky scarf or pashmina (think boa)
  • Spatula (anything you can spank yourself with works)
  • A fluffy throw cushion you can caress and stroke
  • Sunhat (or any kind of hat that works with your look)

What do you do with the prop? The purpose of the prop is to make your honey wish they were the prop. Watch some burlesque videos or experiment with these moves:

  • Put it your mouth
  • Press it against your lips
  • Press it against your breasts
  • Spank yourself with it
  • Rub it on your bum in circles
  • Drag it up your legs or your arms

Time to take it off.

No, I’m not talking about pubic hair. Burlesque is all about the tease of what you might take off and what you might reveal. Some things are easier to peel off than others.

Things you can peel:

  • Knee highs or thigh highs
  • Bra
  • Corset
  • Lingerie
  • Skirts (pencil is great)
  • Button or zip up clothing
  • Vests
  • Halter tops
  • Gloves

Things that are hard to peel:

  • Pants
  • Jeans
  • Leggings
  • Full pantyhose
  • Complicated clasps or buttons (some lingerie corsets have awkward clasps)
  • Small zippers (you can always offer yourself to your audience to unzip you)
  • Anything that you have to pull over your head

Steps to taking off your clothing:

  1. Display – show them what you’re going to take off
  2. Touch it – touch the item you’re going to take off in a sensual way….stroke that support hose!
  3. Take it off a little bit – push the glove down a bit or inch the top of the thigh high down
  4. Touch the exposed skin (by this point they are dying for you to just take it off)
  5. Take it off
  6. Show it to them – dangle it in front of them, floss it between your thighs, shimmy it onto your breasts or swirl it in the air
  7. Discard – toss it off to the side and bevel a pose with your newly exposed part

Pro Tips: 

  • Use eye contact and facial expression to engage you lover, let them know you’re taking it off for them. You can look and look away so it doesn’t feel like a stare down.
  • Touch yourself a lot – not only the hot spots, but your legs, bum, shoulder, neck, waist. Use your hands to trace the outline of where you want their eyes to go.
  • When standing still, create a bevel to make your body into a curvy hourglass shape. A bevel is created by shifting your weight to one leg and tilting the other knee inwards towards the standing leg.
  • Characters help give you a focus and a persona to play with – cheerleader, sailor chick, school girl, vampiress, secretary, librarian

Report back – let us know in the comments how it went. 


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