Dearest puckered asshole

You draw me in with your little pleasure crinkles and

keep me lusting for your special anal delicious taste.

My tongue loves to tickle, tease and tuck inside

and slowly seduce you like a hungry hole I'm dying to please.

Won't you be my Analtine?

I love eating ass. I think it's intimate, naughty and feels so good to give pleasure to someone's crevices and soak in their primal scent and taste. Lots of people shy away from this sweet little orifice that carries our waste from our body worrying that it's purpose would end up in your mouth. Rest assured there's lots you can do with buttholes that don't involve shit or even penetration, but can seduce that anus into being a pleasure portal to the rest of your partner's body.

The anus has a shit ton (pardon the pun) of nerve endings, which means that for some people stimulating this area can feel very physically pleasureable. Combine that with the emotional high of naughtiness, taboo and intimacy, and you've got yourself a butt date to remember. 

Here are some tips to get you started with eating ass.


Want your ass eaten? Want to eat a butthole of your sweetie? Do you want penetration or just external play? Will you use a dental dam (or non-microwaveable saran wrap) or eat it skin to skin? On your back or poised anus first over someone’s face? Do you like it eaten slowly or hungrily like a bear just out of hibernation?

Communication is your social lube. It puts everyone on the same page about the types of pleasure they want to receive and give and provides both people with more information to be a better butthole muncher. Some people enjoy using dirty talk or sexting beforehand to put forward sexy scenarios, test the waters on sexy ideas and get consent for things that would make their rimming dreams come true.

Analingus Pre-date

Do you need an extensive enema kit? Probably not. I use this anal syringe you can find at many drugstores in the all-things-bum aisle. You can also buy sleeker looking ones if you like the aesthetic of a black syringe (USD/CAD). Filled with warm water, no solutions, you add a little lube on the neck and squirt warm water inside yourself (over the toilet works well) to flush out any particles of poo that may be in your immediate anal canal. In a pinch, using a soapy finger during a shower, externally and with one finger joint in, its pretty much the depth that a tongue is going to reach.

You can also use dental dams as a barrier between that delicious butthole and a sexy wet mouth. And if you want to keep fingers covered, these sexy black non-latex (nitrile) gloves are fabulous. Gloves are great especially if you have long nails or didn’t have time to file things down. Gloves and dental dams also make it easier to switch from anal to other activities like licking genitals and kissing mouths, because you get to just discard the glove or dental dam and move onto the next thing without having to stop and clean up to make sure you’re keep butt bacteria in the butt only.

Prep your space if you can - get a dark coloured towel and keep it on the bed or on the floor, so you can easily toss your used toys and tools onto it and keep playing. It can be arousing to prepare and think of the primal butt dinner you’re about to devour.  

Love Me Some Lube

You may think of lube exclusively when you’re enjoying penetration play - but lube can be a great way to seduce the butt. Using lube can give you a lubricant (USD/CAD) for holes as well as a massage ‘oil’. Use it to massage the lower back, buttcheeks, genitals, butt crack, perineum, backs of legs. Silicone lube is safe for condoms and if you’re using silicone butt plugs or dildos, just throw a condom on them. Silicone lube has a very mild taste, if you don’t like the feeling on your mouth, use a dental dam or do the adoring massage and then give it a quick wipe off with a towel or a butt wipe. Otherwise go to town, ingesting a little lube is going to be ok for most of us.

A Bootyful Position

Make your giver and your receiver comfortable. Maybe you need a knee pillow. Maybe you need a mirror to watch all the hotness. Maybe you need a pillow under your butthole babe's tummy to prop them up, check out this swanky prop pillow I want (USD/CAD). I really like having the booty I'm going to munch lying on their tummy and relaxed like they are waiting for a massage from my hands and tongue. I find it's easy to spread and admire ass cheeks in this position, also easy to reach around to the rest of their upper or lower body and give back kisses, or stroking, or grab hair. I like that it leaves their thighs exposed and parts of their genitals to be a visually delicious aesthetic. They also just get to bliss out and can writhe or puddle out while I seduce their butt.

Anal Flirting Techniques

Every butthole is going to be different and enjoy different things. Going slow and increasing in intensity can give you feedback as the giver for what’s working and what’s not. Ask binary questions: harder or softer? Faster or slower? Long licks or short licks?

Receivers - give us feedback and direction. Grind. Moan. Say ‘yessss please, more’ or ‘mmmmm, you feel so good, can you spread me wider so i can feel your stiff tongue’. Giving direction doesn’t mean you’re going to hurt the giver’s feelings, it means you’re giving them more information to give you the pleasure you want - and it is very hot as a receiver to ride the hotness of the pleasure you are giving someone.

Here are Three to Try:

1. Mix up your licks

Try flat tongue, pointy tongue, soft kitten licks, long lapping - explore all the little crinkles in on the butthole where all the nerve endings are. Lick from perineum (the place between genitals and the anus) all the way up to the lower back.

2. Use different parts of your face

Try burrowing into the butt with your chin or nose or your hole face smushed between their butt cheeks. Use different pressures, speed and pauses. Admire the anal art that is in front of you and thank your receiver for being hot as fuck.

3. Use your lips

Suck, kiss, blow. The contrast of warm spit and hot breath on an asshole can feel incredible physically and the vulnerability of the slowness of someone inhaling and soaking up the donut hole that is desperate to be eaten while you tease.


Bite butt cheeks. Jiggle it, spread it. Reach around and play with their crotch. Reach up and stroke their chest or back. Drag your fingernails or fingers up the backs of their thighs - play with different sensations you can provide while your face is buried in their butt. Bring in a vibrator and press it against their perineum, genitals or butthole while you kiss their butt cheeks or lick their lower back. With each thing you try, notice responses, ask questions and tell them what you’re enjoying - whether it’s the visual, their expressions of pleasure or the fact that you get to do some anal adoration for them.



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