Anal training isn't something you do at the gym.

What is anal training?

Anal training uses tools like anal dilators, butt plugs and fingers, to gradually train the anus to take penetration. Why not just stuff a dick or a dildo in? Lots of people do and it works fine for them, but anal anatomy just doesn't work that way. The anus needs time to warm up to penetration for it to feel relaxed and ready for anal pleasure. 

What's an anal dilator?

Anal dilation is sometimes used as preparatory training for anal sex. The muscles and tissue of anus get slowly accustomed to anal penetration. Anal training can mean more pleasure and less chance of injury.

Many of us are quick to let someone in our bootyhole without ever exploring it ourselves and lots of us are givers of anal sex who have gone too hard and too fast during anal sex. Seducing the butt, training the butt and lubing the butt are big parts of hot anal sex.


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How do you train your ass?

Using a sex toy designed for anal dilation can make things easy to get started. i tried out the Odile (watch on Instagram). It's a mechanical anal dilation toy that allows you to increase mm by mm by turning a key at the base to expand. It comes in two sizes - I liked the beginner for the shape - it's easier to get in. If you're someone that isn't a beginner but maybe has been out of the anal sex receiving game, it's great to re-open up your hole with the larger Odile.

I've got more tips for anal training on one of my fav shop's blog: How to Train Your Ass

Want to learn to seduce the butt?

Take my on-demand Seducing the Butt webinar for tips and techniques to make your anal sex hotter whether you're beginner or you're upgrading your anal pleasure skills!


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