All About G-Spots and Squirting Online Webinar


G-Spots, Squirting and more pleasure...oh my!

Just in time for Valentine's Day! Make it a date night or get some sexy skills on your own!

Curious about G-spots and squirting? Where exactly is the G-spot? How does it like to be stimulated? Can anyone with a vulva squirt? Is it pee?

Get the answers to these questions and more in this webinar. We'll be talking about:

  • Vulva Pleasure Anatomy
  • Busting G-spot and squirting myths
  • Porn vs. in real life
  • What G-spot sex toys actually work?
  • Different techniques for G-spot stimulation for partnered and solo sex
  • Managing squirting mess

...and more!

Whether you want to give G-spots pleasure or you want to discover more about your own - tune into this webinar, where you can ask your questions anonymously, get tips and advice and discover new ways to give and receive more pleasure.

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