How to Connect with Your Partner Sexually

I'm excited to welcome a guest blog post on a topic we all have questions about - connection. My guest author shares ideas and tips for deepening connection:

Sex is more than just casual intercourse. A lot depends on how you communicate and your emotional depth. The more you connect with your partner, the better the sex. 

Sometimes, we jump right into hooking up without forming a connection. The longing for each other, authenticity in feelings, foreplay, and love are binding factors to any intimate moment. 

These deepen your experience and make you feel seen and free to express your truest desires. So how to form these bonds and connect sexually with our partners?

The following tips are going to answer exactly that. Let us begin!

1. Free Yourself From Stress

While many say that sex is the best stress-buster, some say otherwise. When we look at our lovers or friends-with-benefits, they are more than an empty barrel where we dump our stress.

Who you hook up with is there to enjoy it too! And communicating it to them is crucial. Let them know that you crave this experience and have been longing for their touch, their voice, and the feel of them against you.

Stress is part of our lives. Our daily work schedules, traffic, and domestic disputes can stiffen our nerves. But after a long day of battling your struggles, give yourself some time to be one with peace. 

Doing so will enhance your intimate hours to a whole new level! And that is because while hooking up, wrapped in their arms, all they have is you, raw and bonded into their embrace. And there is nothing more loving than this safety net. 

Devote yourself to pleasing them and feeling pleased. Worshipping the tantalizing moments can help your lover, and you feel an intense euphoria and connection when together. 

Creating this safe, comfortable, and stress-free place for your partner is a sure-shot way of reeling them into passionate lovemaking in no time. 

2. Let Those Words Flow

Smooth communication is sexy. When you are authentic in your feelings and expressions, you better believe your boo is swooning inside. 

These days, many young individuals feel that finessing their way through clever quips and a made-up personality will up their game. But the more authentic you are, the more others want you. So why let your smouldering persona go to waste?

Indulge in meaningful communication, even about your fears, worries, and deepest desires. Sometimes, the smallest things, such as you remembering their favourite ice cream flavour, are a huge turn-on. 

It shows you have been listening and who does not love a good listener? These thoughtful actions outside your bedroom (or favourite hook-up spots, we do not judge) work wonders for your sex life. They help spice it up when you please your partner and help you have a scintillating session.

Now you might wonder why communication should matter, especially if it is a one-night stand. Every hook-up session is special, where you and your partner discover each other's carnal sides and tease each other to a frenzy till both want it all. 

And if you play your cards right, expressing your authentic desires, love, and excitement, every hook-up session is unforgettable, long-term, or one night.

3. Explore Their Taboo Fantasies

Now, this is a suggestion for long-term couples. Sometimes, your sex life might feel monotonous. Especially due to the:

  • Same positions every time
  • Overdone foreplay techniques
  • Sex in regular clothes
  • Conventional hook-ups (only at night, in bed, during birthdays/anniversaries. etc.)

These can make sex feel a bit bland, not something to look forward to. So how about changing those, "ugh, let's get this over with." to "Mmm, this feels so wrong, don't stop!"?

Sometimes, the best way to connect with your partner sexually is to explore those deep, dark desires they harbour for you. While you might guess they want the fun summer breeze, they might yearn to do you in the storm!

Not connecting sexually often has connections to not knowing what your partner desires in bed.

Ask them what they are craving in their sex lives, and keep an open mind. Most times, those taboo forms of lust are just what you need to turn them on. The more open and accepting you are of each other's desires, the more passionate each hook-up session is. 

Sometimes they are dark, questionable, and downright immoral. But once you are into it and enjoying them squirming and asking for more, you know that your sex lives are re-kindled for more sensual escapades. 

4. Get Intimate (With Yourself)

Self-care is crucial, not only for yourself but also for your partner. A bit of expert advice never gets intimate with stress brewing inside. And while meditating, working out, and bubble baths do wonders, try exploring yourself a little bit more. 

Getting intimate with yourself might help you practice expressing dirtier desires, find your most vulnerable spots, and enjoy every second. These little details help you to get more comfortable with your partner, where vulnerabilities, cravings, and thirst turn into unbridled lust. 

If you have body image issues (a small reminder: all bodies are sexy and so is yours. Love all of yourself,) you can create a safe space trying out different skimpy looks while pleasuring yourself. The confidence boost from this is guaranteed unreal.

When you explore your body, you feel less shy and worried about how your partner sees you. Playing with yourself is a fantastic way to dissolve your insecurities through passionate orgasms, moans, and dirty talks. And when you are more confident being this sexy alone, imagine how exciting it will be for your partner to explore you. 

Of course, if you have deep-seated self-doubts, do not be afraid to discuss them with your partner. Being vulnerable and authentic with your feelings helps cultivate a more beautiful bond of understanding and depth. 

Communicating your sensual desires, roleplays, and needs are a massive turn-on for partners who love to give and receive. 


The bottom line is, connecting with your partner gets easier when you are genuine about your feelings, listen to their needs, explore their questionable fantasies, and please them passionately. 

Understanding your and your partner's sexual cravings can turn a quickie into a loud, sensual, and never ending session.

Nothing gets the libidinal sessions fiery than lovers relishing each other and loving every bit of it. 


"I'd never been to this kind of workshop before, so I was a bit nervous at first, but Luna was so relaxed she put the whole room at ease and soon we were laughing and discussing creative ideas together."