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Dirty Talk for Submissives - NEW!


Dirty Talk for Submissives

Submissive dirty talk can deepen the feelings of erotic power exchange. Learning what to say, how to say it and when to say it can empower your roleplay, increase communication and improve the connection with your dominant partner. This webinar will cover skills like:

  • Discovering power exchange intentions
  • Using roleplay to express dirty talk
  • Finding what language brings out your submissive feels
  • Techniques for dirty talk as communication in a scene
  • Exploring dirty talk as a tool of dominance and submission
  • Dirty talk vs practical communication
  • Navigating challenges like shyness, feeling silly and not knowing what to say
  • Erotic ideas for submissive dirty talk

New to dirty talk? Check out my Dirty Talk Skills class. New to submission? Check out my Sexy Skills for Submissives class.

You must be at least 18 years of age to attend the webinar. You do not need to have been through a divorce, you might be newly single or reconnecting to a part of yourself after a long time. All genders are welcome!

This webinar is live captioned through Zoom, but captions are not available on the replay. Please email Luna if you have other accessibility needs. 

If you're purchasing this webinar after it has already started, you will be sent a replay in a couple of days

Live Webinar FAQs

What if i can't make the date?

No problem! Your ticket purchase to the live webinar includes access to the replay that you can watch at your own convenience. You will also receive any notes or bonus resources that were shared with the live class. 

What happens in a live webinar?

Luna Matatas, Sex and Pleasure Educator leads the participant through the topic's content. She teaches presentation style and will invite discussion from the audience through text-based chat on Zoom. Attending live is your chance to ask the questions you want answers to, chat with Luna and enjoy the fun of a live webinar with Luna!

A replay of the live webinar will be emailed to you along with any resources or links that were mentioned during the class. There is no nudity or live body demos. Luna may show anatomical diagrams or sex toys. 

How do I get to the live webinar?

Once you've checked out with your webinar purchase, you will receive a confirmation email that contains a link to your ticket.  Your ticket will have information on how to get into Zoom.

Do I have to be on camera?

Nope, you can be off camera and off audio and participate via polls or the chat.

Can my partner attend too?

Absolutely! If your partner is attending, you both need to purchase tickets to the class. This is a great date night idea!

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