Bedroom Communication and Confidence Skills Webinar


Communication is another form of lube!

Most of us didn't learn how to communicate in the bedroom in our high school sex education class. We didn't build skills in talking about our fantasies, communicating yes and no, and encouraging our partners to communicate. Make your sex hotter with communication and confidence in your bedroom skills!

In this class you'll get skills like:

    • How to ask for what you want
    • Ideas for initiating sex
    • Dealing with rejection
    • Sharing fantasies
    • Enthusiastic 'yes' and unapologetic 'no'
    • Consent and pleasure
    • Navigating confusing communication
    • Inviting your partners to tell you what they like and don't like

We'll explore examples for couples, singles and for in-person and distance relationships (e.g. sexting and video chat) too.


What is an On-Demand webinar?

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