Peg the Patriarchy Thigh Harness Bundle

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Strap-on and pegging needs a harness! Pelvic harnesses are popular, but thigh harnesses can be sexy and more functional for a lot of people. I've partnered up with Unicorn Collaborators, a local, queer-owned leather-making business to bring you a thigh harness bundle!

Thigh harnesses afford the penetrator more power and stamina, can even out height dynamics, and can be a way to have penetration that plays into different fantasies.

Here’s what comes in the Thigh Harness Peg the Patriarchy Grab Bag:

  1. RED LEATHER THIGH HARNESS: This handmade leather thigh harness is adjustable and fits up to a 35 inch thigh. Clean your thigh harness with warm water and soap. Comes with a 2’ and 1.5’ o’rings. Gold harness pictured is not included, your harness will be RED.
  2. SEXY SKILLS ON-DEMAND WEBINAR - Sex and Pleasure Educator Luna Matatas is giving you your choice of Sexy Skills webinar to download. You’ll receive a code to access the on-demand webinar and you’ll be able to choose from over 30 different pleasure topics.
  3. PEG THE PATRIARCHY SEX TOY STORAGE BAG - this generously sized, cotton canvas bag is a great way to store your toys (all items pictured fit in the bag), travel with them or organize smaller items. The bag is zippered and machine washable. 
  4. WATER-BASED LUBE - Whether you’re planning on penetration or genital massage or using sex toys, water-based lube is your friend for creating textures that maximize pleasure and decrease friction. This bottle is 2oz/60ml and free from fragrance and glycerin.

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If you'd like a custom choice of a different sex toy storage bag with the same contents, please message us to see what's available. 

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