Definitely Not Bondage Stuff Handcuffs Bundle

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Definitely Not Bondage Stuff Handcuffs Bundle

Ready for some erotic restraints? You’ve got everything you need to get started with bondage and restraints in this Bondage Grab Bag. I've partnered up with Unicorn Collaborators, a local, queer-owned leather-making business to bring you a bundle of bondage!

Love bondage but don’t know how to tie rope knots? Enjoy restraints but find metal handcuffs uncomfortable? Choose bondage that is safe, comfortable and gets your kink on easily. These cuffs can be worn as a bracelet/arm cuff and they turn into WRIST CUFFS!! 

Double Duty Cuffs come in different sizes - please see options when you purchase:

  • SMALL - fits 5.5 to 6 inch wrists
  • MEDIUM - fits 6.5 to 7 inch wrists
  • LARGE - fits 7.5 to 8 inch wrists

Here’s what you’re getting in the Bondage Grab Bag;

  1. GUNMETAL LEATHER DOUBLE DUTY CUFFS - The double duty cuff is a handy hot little piece of fashion that turns into a hot piece of bondage gear. (colour: gunmetal leather, NOT red that is pictured). The double duty cuffs are a sturdy piece of gear that can be worn as a nice accessory, but oh look! It also turns into a very difficult to get out of a pair of cuffs. 

  2. WATER-BASED LUBE - Whether you’re planning on penetration or genital massage or using sex toys, water-based lube is your friend for creating textures that maximize pleasure and decrease friction. This bottle is 2oz/60ml and free from fragrance and glycerin.

  3. SPANKING PADDLE - This 12 inch, black and red vinyl paddle is great for playful spanking. Has a nice smack sound too it without being too intense on the pain. If pain is your pleasure, this paddle is great for warming up to more intense sensations. It’s easy to sanitize in-between uses.

  4. SEXY DICE - add some spontaneity to your sex life with these spicy red Sex Dice. Roll for your choice of activities like licking and sucking and body parts, like toes or genitals. 

  5. DEFINITELY NOT BONDAGE STUFF BAG - this generously sized, cotton canvas bag is a great way to store your toys (all items pictured fit in the bag), travel with them or organize smaller items. The bag is zippered and machine washable. 

  6. SEXY SKILLS ON-DEMAND WEBINAR - Sex and Pleasure Educator Luna Matatas is giving you your choice of Sexy Skills webinar to download. You’ll receive a code to access the on-demand webinar and you’ll be able to choose from over 30 different pleasure topics. 

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    If you'd like a custom choice of a different sex toy storage bag with the same contents, please message us to see what's available. 


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