Already high on pleasure? What about pleasure while high?

What’s the connection between cannabis and sex? The body makes its own natural receptor system for cannabinoids, called endocannabinoids. Research shows there are a lot of receptors for cannabinoids in areas of the brain that are responsible for sexual function. 

Much of what we know about weed and sex is based on anecdotal evidence from self-reporting surveys. There isn’t a lot of scientific research yet on the types of things that would help to understand the science of marijuana and it’s impact on sex and pleasure in humans. There are some really interesting ways people are reporting increasing their pleasure by using cannabis during solo sex, partnered sex and/ or using sex toys to alter physical and emotional sensations. 

My first high orgasm.

I didn't try weed until I was 20. I was moving to Amsterdam and I begged my older friends at my student job to teach me (nerd, I know). I moved to Amsterdam and continued to "practice" and also bought my first vibrator. Which looked something like this but was purple:

I still remember the essence of the first orgasm I had while high using that little battery-operated vibe. The full-body sensation made it the orgasm fell out of me and then soaked the rest of me in its aftershocks. I had had amazing orgasms before, and this was another way to have them. Weed and sex for me is a sensation enhancer and an erotic imagination opener. 

How are people using weed with sex?

People enjoy mixing cannabis and sex for lots of reasons and rewards. Other people are curious but aren't sure where to start or what to expect. And the cannabis aficionados are hungry for more ways to continue deepening pleasure with pot. 

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