More bodies = more position possibilities!

Group sex, like threesomes, swinging, orgies and gangbangs, are popular fantasies because of the possibilities of more bodies and more sexy positions. Figuring out what turns you on about group sex can help you take your fantasy into reality. While group sex means more bodies to play with, it also means more needs to navigate. It’s important to talk about what kinds of sexual activities, positions and boundaries are in play for your group sex encounter. 

Group sex starts with group communication. 

Moving your group sex fantasy to group sex reality means that you’ll have to coordinate more desires and boundaries. Discuss what would make an awesome group sex experience before, during and after with questions like:

  • What are your turn ons and turn offs?
  • What sexual activities are on the table, between who and with what barriers?
  • What would be a hot way to get things started?
  • What do you look and sound like when you’re very aroused? (e.g. noisy, quiet, non-verbal?)
  • What logistics do we need to talk about? (e.g. sleeping over? Hanging out before or after?)

5 Group Sex Positions to Try

  • Group Erotic Massage Train

Massage trains are a great way to begin to learn how someone responds to touch and to practice giving and receiving communication to get the pleasure just right. It’s a lowkey way to get things off to a sensual start.

Take advantage of those extra hands and have each person massaging another person simultaneously. Try massaging with a warming oil for a velvety texture and tingly sensations. Explore massage on under-serviced erogenous zones like hands, feet, thighs and bum cheeks. 

  • Double Oral Worship

Two mouths on one set of genitals. Having two mouths on a vulva or penis could mean taking turns licking, sucking different parts simultaneously or kissing each other between the other person’s legs. Double oral can also happen with one person giving oral to anus (rimming), while the other person goes down on a penis or vulva. 

Double Oral Worship can mean a lot of stimulation - which can be exciting, but it might not lead you to orgasm. Sometimes intense sensation can feel amazing but be too overwhelming, and that’s ok. You can let your partners know you’re liking what they are doing or offer direction for your pleasure. 

  • Two Holes Combo

Any combo of vaginas, anuses and mouths can form a Two Hole Combo. The focus of penetration can be on one person with two holes or with two people with four or more holes. Get creative with penetration and explore sex toys like dildos (USD/CAD), double-ended dildos (USD/CAD) and butt plugs (USD/CAD)

The goal is connecting bodies through simultaneous penetration where one person is the vessel. If there are more than three people, you can engage as voyeurs through masturbation or find another way to add to the moment like dirty talk or touching another erogenous part of the body not in use. 

  • Oral Chain

Similar to a massage chain, try having oral sex in a closed or open chain of bodies connect by oral sex. An example of a closed chain might be three bodies curled up in a circle while giving and receiving oral at the same time. An open chain might look like one person lying on their back, another person going down on them and another person sitting on their face. Add some flavour with flavoured lubes.

  • Kissing Pyramid

Kissing with extra lips around can be a very sensual experience. A Kissing Pyramid has two people kissing and then another person (or persons) kissing other parts of both bodies starting low and working up the bodies. The body kisser can suck, lick, nipple, kiss areas like ears, necks, jawlines, backs of knees, wrists, lower backs and more. Use your hands to explore and express yourself with moans, dirty talk and breathing to show which kisses you like best. 

Finding ways to take turns being the center of attention ramps up the relaxation, playfulness and empathy in the group. Building up seduction with touch, kisses, eye contact and dirty talk can deepen the intensity of group sex. 

Keep the group in group sex.

It can be easy to fall into your own fantasy and forget that there might be other desires and interests happening at the same time for other people involved. Make space for people to speak up about their needs. It’s also ok to de-brief afterwards about what you liked and what you want to try another time.

Let go of orgasm as the only reward of sex - embrace other pleasure rewards like playfulness, eroticism, arousal, anticipation, tease, giving pleasure, intimacy and more.

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"I'd never been to this kind of workshop before, so I was a bit nervous at first, but Luna was so relaxed she put the whole room at ease and soon we were laughing and discussing creative ideas together."