Is it weird to give your friend a sex toy as a gift?

Until I became a full time sex educator swimming in toys, I had sex toys on my wishlists for birthdays and christmas gifts for the friends that I knew would be cool with it. So, giving your friend an adult toy as a gift could be weird...but it could also be amazing. 

Is it appropriate for YOUR friendship?

You’ll have to gauge whether or not it’s appropriate within the context of your friendship. Consider that some people are very private about their personal pleasure, some people have really specific tastes when it comes to sex toys and other people would be delighted to get one as a gift. 

Think about your intention.

If the gift of a sex toy is an attempt at sexualizing a friendship that isn’t sexual - that could be creepy and feel like pressure. If you are friends and have conversations about sex, sexuality or sex toys, your gift could be received as an extension of your shared interest. People can have shame about shopping for toys themselves, so this could also be a helpful gift!

Just ask them.

If you’re really unsure, you can also just ask. ‘Hey, I know we’ve talked about sex toys - I’m thinking about gifting you one, would that be weird or welcomed?’

Keep the sex toy simple.

You might be tempted to give your friend a sex swing to install in their bedroom, but instead consider toys that aren’t too big and can be used on multiple areas of the body. Wand-style vibrators, mini vibes and curved toys can be used on most bodies. Wands and mini vibes are good for external stimulation of hot spots on any body. Curved toys get at P-spots and G-spots. 

You can’t go wrong with lube.

Giving the gift of lube is super thoughtful. Most bodies can benefit from the increased texture that lube provides. 

Increase their pleasure knowledge.

Books! Sex is a skill and we all can benefit from learning from experts. 

Great stocking stuffers: lube, lube applicators, massage oil candles

My top picks for gifts for friends


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