Prostate Pleasure Guide


Curious about prostate pleasure? 

P-spot pleasure can be really exciting and really intimidating at the same time. Many people are nervous to explore p-spot pleasure or prostate milking because they feel shame, uncertainty or experienced pain during anal sex. Let me be your P-spot hero and give you some tips to bring you the prostate pleasure you deserve!

Whether you're a giver or receiver (or both!) of prostate pleasure, you might have questions like:

  • What about poop and pain?
  • What if my penis isn't erect?
  • How do I talk to my partner?
  • What lube should I be using?
  • Should I get a vibrator or a prostate massager?

My guide has 19 pages of tips and suggestions for how to get started and how to keep exploring. I cover topics like:

  • Anal Anatomy
  • Prostate Anatomy
  • Busting Butt Sex Myths
  • P-spot Techniques
  • P-spot Pleasure Positions
  • Solo Prostate Play
  • Prostategasms
  • Erections and P-spots

BONUS: I've included my Top Toys for P-spot Pleasure!

This guide is an instant download. You'll receive a link to download a PDF.

My All About Prostate Pleasure on-demand webinar has a hands-on demo AND includes this guide.

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