Fantasies of Force: Consensual Non-consent Play Webinar


Do you have fantasies of force that make you excited and nervous?

Fantasies of force can include any erotic fantasy where the theme of the roleplay focuses force or ravagement and control. You might fantasy about being used or using someone like an object, possession or toy. Fantasies of force can include roleplaying coercion, helplessness, forced surrender and more. These fantasies are considered taboo and may play with dark or shadow-side ideas, so it's understandable if you have complicated feelings of desire or even disgust about your fantasies! Let's get you skills so you feel empowered by your fantasies and can decide if and how you want to move them into a reality. 

We'll cover topics like: 

  • Popular consensual-non-consent (CNC) fantasies like blackmail, assault, abuse of authority, kidnapping, objectification, force or coerced service
  • Romantic and sensual CNC
  • Consent and communication
  • Verbal and non-verbal safe systems
  • Creating a scene with rituals, role play and props
  • Playing with pain and pleasure
  • Aftercare and debriefs
  • Navigating guilt or shame about your fantasies or your partners
  • How we feel about these erotic fantasies and our real world power dynamics

This workshop will be discussing sensitive topics as examples of fantasies or force. There may be mentions of age play, breath play or needle play, however these are not topics we will delve deeply into. There may be mentions of rape or sexual assault fantasies. There will be no mentions of anything illegal, only activities between consenting, communicative, skilled adults. No visual materials depicting fantasies of force will be used. If you're unsure if a topic will be mentioned that you're uncomfortable with - email us.

If you prefer to talk with Luna about your fantasy one-on-one, check out the Individual Pleasure Coaching Sessions.

All genders and sexual orientations welcome. You do not need to have a partner to attend. Must be at least 19 years old to attend.

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