Individual Online Pleasure Coaching: Sexual Confidence


Want to feel more empowered in the bedroom?

Sexual Confidence Pleasure Coaching is an opportunity to unpack sexual shame, explore body shame, performance anxiety and guilt about sexual fantasies or fetishes. 

You and Luna will decide on the type of erotic experiences you'd like to have more confidence in. Your sex coaching session will focus on the sexy skills necessary to get you the sex life you desire. Topics might include:

  • More confidence in bed
  • Navigating online dating
  • Asking for what you want in bed
  • Communication consent
  • Expressing desire to a partner
  • Initiating sex
  • Bringing sex toys into the bedroom
  • Asking for more or different types of pleasure
  • Exploring a fantasy or kink
  • Techniques for dealing with body shame and performance anxiety
  • Getting started with non-monogamy
  • Getting back into dating after divorce or the end of a long term relationship
  • ...and many more
All About Pleasure Coaching

What is Pleasure Coaching?

Pleasure Coaching is not a substitute for therapy or other healing practices. It's a place to unpack barriers, set goals and develop practices so that you can have the kind of sex life you desire.

How do online sessions work?

All sessions take place online via Zoom and you can choose to participate via audio only or audio and video. Sessions can be recorded. You will be provided with notes and homework following the session. 

How do I book a specific date and time for coaching?

Once you have purchased your session, your confirmation email will include a link to Luna's calendar, where you can book your session. Coaching hours vary by day, typically between 11am-8pm EST Monday - Saturday. 

Can I book more than 1 hour?

Sessions can be booked 1 hour at a time or you can purchase a 2 hour session. Pleasure Coaching Sessions must be booked within six months of purchase date.

What is the refund policy?

Pleasure Coaching sessions are non-refundable. You will receive a Pleasure Coaching Agreement to sign that will outline cancellation policies and fees. 

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