Ready to delight the G-spot?

G-spot and squirting joy might be something you're curious about, but how do you get started and what are the best tools?

The Basics

G-spot orgasms can happen without squirting and squirting can happen without G-spot orgasms. They are separate events that sometimes happen together.

The G-spot is a part of the clitoris that can be accessed through the vagina. Squirting is a fluid that is released through the urethra and involves the urethral sponge. It is not pee. 

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You can enjoy G-spot stimulation because:

  • It leads you to G-spot orgasm
  • It feels relaxing
  • It makes you extra aroused for other sexy activities
  • It's a way to mix up your pleasure
  • You enjoy it under certain conditions (e.g. solo with a toy or fingers with a partner)

You might not enjoy G-spot stimulation because:

  • It doesn't feel good
  • You feel yourself tense up
  • You don't like the sensation
  • You feel like you have to pee
  • It distracts you from other clitoral pleasure
  • It feels too sensitive

How do I squirt?

Start by exploring your G-spot on your own. Squirting can happen from stimulation to other areas of the body (e.g. nipples, anus), and is more likely to happen when the body is fully aroused.

To get started:

  • Get turned on - consider using erotic audio or porn or your erotic imagination
  • Touch your vulva, clitoris and vagina however you like - whether that's externally or internally
  • Grab a G-spot toy + lube and aim towards the front of the vagina, towards the belly button. Explore different depths, pressure and rhythms. Some people prefer more of a rocking motion vs. thrusting with toys. 

There are different techniques for engaging squirting (check out my G-spot and Squirting Skills class


INTAMO SMOOTH OPERATOR - my new favourite I just discovered! water-based lube, great for sensitive vaginas or vaginas prone to irritation, plant-based, sustainably sourced, small feminist business in Vancouver.

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PJUR LUBE - Silicone is my fav, and they have a great water-based formula too. Great quality, silky texture. Good for extended play sessions. Silicone lube isn't compatible with silicone toys.


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SLIQUID H2O ORIGINAL WATER-BASED LUBRICANT - sliquid is great quality and very body safe. You can use water-based lubes on any sex toy. 

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NJOY PURE WAND STAINLESS STEEL DILDO - This is one of my fave G-spot and squirting toys that I recommend often. It's a perfect curve for G-spot access, it's firmness means you're not using a lot of your own hand strength to create sensations, and the weighty-ness of it gives you stimulation from gravity. 

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FUN FACTORY SUNDAZE RECHARGEABLE THRUSTING VIBRATOR - The flat head of this sex toy makes it feel like someone is massaging your G-spot with two firm, never tiring, fingers! It's a rumbly vibration, I like using it externally for clitoral stimulation too. 

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LOVEHONEY G-SLIM G-SPOT VIBRATOR BLACK - This is an inexpensive, battery-operated, buzzy vibrator. It does the job well because of it's firm, egg shaped head. The long handle makes it easier for some bodies to access the right angles.

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WE-VIBE X LOVEHONEY NOVA 2 APP CONTROLLED RECHARGEABLE RABBIT VIBRATOR - This is a high quality, luxurious sex toy. Many rabbit-style or dual vibrators don't have a flexible external stimulation part - so it might miss the right spot on your particular anatomy. We-Vibe made a flexible outer arm so you can adjust it to your anatomy. It's soft on the outside, firm on the inside and it's a powerful vibration. You can also control it via blue tooth for a hands-free experience. 

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WOMANIZER X LOVEHONEY INSIDEOUT RECHARGEABLE G-SPOT and CLITORAL STIMULATOR - want to feel like you're being fingered and having your clit kissed at the same time? Need I say more? Using air pulse technology, the external part creates waves of sensation without actually touching the clitoris. The inside arm is ergonomically shaped to vibrate on the G-spot. 

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WE-VIBE CHORUS APP AND REMOTE CONTROLLED RECHARGEABLE COUPLE'S VIBRATOR - use this wearable vibe with a partner. You can have G-spot stimulation during penetration with sex toys, fingers or penises. Or have it inserted and do other activities like kissing or rimming. 

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SENSUAL GLASS DOUBLE DILDO - glass is another weighty sex toy material that is great for G-spot play. You can also put it in the fridge or in a warm beverage to add some temperature play to wake up your G-area.

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