Question: How do you have multiple orgasms?

My answer:

Multiple orgasms means having more than one orgasm in succession. It could be waves of orgasm peaks or several smaller orgasms and a bigger one. Some bodies need a short break in between orgasms and other bodies prefer to keep the orgasm momentum going but switch up technique. 

Can penises have multiples? Yes. Orgasm and ejaculation are two separate events in all bodies, happening seconds apart for penises. Becoming familiar with the moments before ejaculation is the key to being able to have multiple orgasms without ejaculating. Techniques for multiple orgasms in penises involve lightly but firmly squeezing just under the head of the penis right before orgasm or switching up the speed or pressure as orgasm builds. 

Clitorises and penises can be sensitive post-orgasm, so make sure you discuss trying techniques with your partner ahead of time and invite them to give you feedback on what feels good and what doesn’t. Here are multiple orgasm techniques to try:

Discover your orgasm triggers. Masturbation allows you to focus only on your body and reactions. Try masturbating and tune into what’s happening in your body as you move from arousal and build towards orgasm. Does your breath change? What parts are you clenching? What parts tingle? What happens in your body right before you peak? Build awareness so you can identify triggers for your orgasm and how our body responds to each stage of your arousal. 

Explore edging. Edging is about taking your body close to the point of orgasm, letting the intensity subside (either slow things down, change up pressure or speed), and then building back up. The goal is to train yourself to stay longer in the intense states of arousal just before orgasming. Try edging during masturbation or with a partner and use lots of lube!

Mix Up Stimulation. Multiple orgasms can come from multiple stimulation. You could try mutual masturbation with a partner for the first orgasm, then try oral and maybe a vibrator for a third. Keep the arousal high in between orgasms with sensuality, touch and dirty talk. 

Multiple orgasms can be awesome, but more orgasms doesn't have to mean better orgasms. Try to avoid getting hyper-fixated on a multiple orgasm goal - this can stress you out and make it tough to be present in pleasure. Some people are happy with the orgasms they are having and some people enjoy exploring erotically!


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