All About Orgasms Guide - NEW!


Top Toys and Techniques for Bigger, Wetter, Orgasms

You deserve more pleasure and less shame. My guide is filled with tips for toys, techniques and approaches to common goals and challenges like multiple orgasms, loss of erections, vibrator addiction.

Everyone’s orgasm experience is different. Explore slowly and intentionally, observing the information your body and erotic mind are giving you about YOUR pleasure.

What's in this guide? 

  • Mix up your masturbation
  • What are the best parts of sex?
  • Will i get addicted to sex toys?
  • Change up your sex toy relationship
  • What if i lose my erection?
  • You don’t need an erection for sex
  • How do you have multiple orgasms?
  • Try these multi-o techniques
  • Lube
  • My fave luxury sex toys
  • Small vibrators Dildo-licious
  • My top recommended sex toys for penises
  • Butt stuff
  • G-spot vibrators
  • Clitoral vibrators
  • Dual stimulation
  • Stainless steel & glass toys
  • Prostate pleasure
  • Kinky things

25+ pages of my TOP TIPS and TOYS for all bodies.

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