All About Orgasms Webinar


Want to learn more about orgasmic pleasure?

G-spot, P-spot, A-spot...oh my! So many different ways to experience pleasure through orgasms. This workshop will explore anatomy of orgasms, different types of orgasms in bodies with penises and vulvas, techniques for stimulating erogenous zones, and navigating experiences like multiple orgasms, no orgasms, orgasms that are too quick or take to long and more!

We’ll be covering topics like:

  • What is an orgasm?
  • What are the different types of orgasms?
  • How can you have bigger and longer (or wetter orgasms)?
  • How can you navigate barriers to orgasms?
  • Communication tips for partnered-sex
  • Erotic inspiration for solo sex/masturbation
  • Choosing sex toys

Whether you want to give pleasure or you want to discover more about your own - tune into this workshop, where you can ask your questions anonymously, get tips and advice and discover new ways to give and receive more pleasure.

BONUS DIGITAL GUIDE - 30 pages of my TOP Toys and Techniques

*Please note, this workshop contains no nudity or live body demos, this is a presentation style workshop suitable for beginners or those looking for new skills. All genders welcome. I will be teaching orgasm techniques for vulvas, anus, penises and nipples. There will be toys suggestions for all genders.

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