It licks AND sucks!

I got to pleasure myself with the Seduction Stimulation Suction Vibrator from Honey Play Box. 

I'm a big fan of the trend in sex toys to combine suction and spot-specific vibration. The suction encourages more blood flow to the area, for the clitoris and labia. For some people, this means heightened sensations and more stimulation to surrounding pleasure spots. 

This is the first suction and tongue toy that I've tried that has a soft, silicone flexible suction part. The flexibility allowed me to pulse the suction to either get closer to a nipple or clit and play with what felt hottest. You definitely need lube with this toy or the tongue will create uncomfortable friction. 

The tongue is not pokey or powerful - if your go to toy is a magic wand or big rumbly style of vibrator, this toy might be too mild for you or it might be a nice change of pace. 


  • Compact size - great for discretion or traveling
  • Suction and vibration great for oral-style stimulation
  • Good for increasing sensitivity and deepening sensations
  • Can be use on nipples, labia, clits - might be fun on buttholes and p*nises
  • Only $58 USD


  • Not waterproof
  • Cleaning is a little annoying because you can't submerge it in water
  • Some bodies might enjoy stronger power

I think this is a good starter toy if you're exploring suction toys for the first time or want a different type of a sex toy to spice up your collection. This was my experience on my body - there is no perfect toy for everyone or the "best" toy. Your mood, body and headspace also affect your toy joy - so when you get it home, give your body a chance to warm up to it and experience it a few times.

If you're new to sex toys, check out my YouTube channel for some explainer videos. Always treat yourself to lube with sex toys and keep your masturbation exciting too by switching things up. 

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