Thank you for coming to Wicked Wanda's Pot and Pleasure Event!

We hope you had a fantastic time! The more you can make space for curiosity and play, the more pleasure you can discover. Explore without obligation or destination, and see what shows up in your body and your erotic imagination. 

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Here are some top Tips and Tools to keep your pleasure high exploration going:

Sensation Play


Glass and stainless steel toys hold heat and warmth well. Pop them in the fridge or in a warm beverage to alter their temp.

Temperature play can also be done with body safe candles and melting massage candles


Spice up handjobs with strokers like the Arcwave Voy which has a super textured inside and a twist feature to increase or decrease tightness of the cylinder. 

I like Tenga Eggs for mixing up handjobs - they are textured and silicone, also a stroker but without a hard outer case. They aren't very long lasting, but a low-cost way to try out strokers to see if you like them. 

For more textures (and tensions!), explore feather ticklers, nipple clamps and sensation wheels.

Playing with intensity? Try powerful vibrators like wands. They provide rumbly vibration into the body - which is great for stimulating internal parts of the clitoris and the P-spot without penetration. Some people love using wands for 'forced orgasm' play or long sessions of edging. 

Blindfolds and Bondage

Changing up the body's ability to move or see, can shift perception and create a different experience. Try blindfolds and oral, or bondage and edging, or a ball gag during penetration. 

Bondage Tape is an easy way to create a blindfold, gag or wrist restraints without having to know any knots! 

Couples Toys


Most toys can be used with partners through mutual masturbation or by adding a toy during oral or penetration. The We-Vibe Chorus is a toy that can be inserted into the vagina to give both external and internal stimulation at the same time. It's snug and adjustable, so it doesn't fall out during penetration with toys, penises or fingers.

You can also wear it during anal penetration or other sexy activities like making out or grinding. If you want to play with power and control - use the remote or the We-Connect app to control the intensity and kind of vibration. 

G-spot Toys

Internal and external dual stimulation (rabbit style) - Nova 2. I like this toy because you can adjust the flexible external arm to hit the spot that works best for you. You can use this as an external toy only too - try it on clits, nipples, perineums, against buttholes and turn it sideways to use it as a vibrating stroker on penises! 

Other great G-spot toys:

Clitoral play

Air pulse technology has given us some delicious clitoral-focused sex toys. These toys don't vibrate directly on the clit, but instead receive pulses of air to create clitoral stimulation. The Coco by Puissante can be used as a dual vibrator and inserted internally with external stimulation to the clit, or you can use it externally. This one is is a regular in my rotation of sex toys - and it's quiet and really soft silicone. 

The Womanizer brand is the one that innovated all this clit technology - so you can't go wrong with a Womanizer Premium Eco. The handle makes it easy to hold, the 'mouth' is a firm but soft silicone so you also get stimulation to the urethra and urethral sponge externally. 

Smaller vibrators with curved edges, like the Lush Slim or the We-Vibe Touch X (my fav to travel with) are small - but still mighty! They are great for people who like to get into the crevices or sides of the clitoris and labia. They are discrete and travel-friendly too because of their size. 

Butt stuff and P-spot play

Beginner butt plugs with a flexible neck and curved base are great for slow, sensual, intentional butt seduction. Snug Plugs are great because they enhance internal sensation, but because of their shape - they won't pop out if you're doing other sexy activities. 

P-spot play usually isn't quickie play. Check out my P-spot Skills webinar on-demand for more about prostate pleasure anatomy and a demo of techniques. Using prostate massagers, like the hands-free Aneros Helix Syn Trident are fantastic for extended prostate masturbation play. You can also explore vibrating prostate massagers with remotes for solo or partner play. 


Don't forget good quality lube for butt stuff! My fav is Pjur Silicone lube, I also like their water-based formula, and for oil-based I enjoy Boy Butter. Silicone and oil lubes are great for bootyhole massages pre and post penetration. Silicone lubes aren't compatible with silicone toys - so either use a different lube or put a condom on your sex toy. 


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"I'd never been to this kind of workshop before, so I was a bit nervous at first, but Luna was so relaxed she put the whole room at ease and soon we were laughing and discussing creative ideas together."