The penis is a fantastic hotspot on the body - but it’s not the only one!

Most of the sex and pleasure we’ve learned centers the genitals. In reality all bodies have many erogenous zones that can be combined with genital pleasure or enjoyed on their own. The penis is a hot erogenous zone, but only one of MANY hot spots!

If the penis is the only hotspot you’re focused on, you’re missing out. Here’s why:

  • Engaging multiple erogenous zones can mean bigger, more intense or full body orgasms
  • Exploring pleasure in other erogenous zones can create tease and seduction. 
  • Erection dependent sex can be limiting if erections don’t last as long as you want or happen when you want them too. 
  • Stimulating other pleasure zones can intensify penis pleasure. 

Here are 10 Pleasure Spots Beyond the Penis:

1. Ears

The ears are super sensitive to touch because there are lots of sensation receptors inside and outside of the ear. Whether you suck on the top part of the ear, run your tongue on the inside or nibble on an earlobe, you'll be getting up close and personal with a sensitive spot while your hands are free to roam the rest of the body. 

2. Sides of body - ribs

Anywhere on the body that has thinner skin is going to have more sensitivity to sensation and more possibility of blood flow during arousal. The sides of the body might be ticklish on some people, so you can test out the area with slow touch - dragging your hands and fingers down the sides of their body, leaving breadcrumbs of kisses on their ribs or little nibbles. 

3. Armpits

Armpits are super sensitive (and can be ticklish!). While they don't have any special nerve endings compared to other similar skin parts of the body, they can be really intimate because it's an under-serviced erogenous zone - it doesn't get a lot of sexy branding. Armpits are a double hot spot beneficial spots because they also are a place that secretes scent - which can be a turn on during sex and feel primal to suck, lick or experiment with light, teasing touch. 

4. Fingers

Fingers are sensitive and we often think of them as being receptor points for experiencing touch. Fingers can be delighted by massaging them, kissing the pads gently, dragging your teeth up the side of them and even putting them in your mouth and dragging them out slowly while making eye contact. 

5. Backs

Backs are full of nerve endings and have a big surface area for you to tease. Massages are one way of stimulating the back - try adding a melting massage bar. You can also use textures and temperature to create sensations. Try playing with ice cubes, body safe wax candles (I like these here), and pinwheels (shop CAD / USD) or floggers (good options here CAD / USD).

6. Necks and collarbones

Kissing, licking, sucking, exhaling hot breath onto necks and collarbones can send shivers up someone’s spine. It might be too ticklish of an area for some - so start light and build up pressure or intensity. If you think your partner might enjoy you nibbling on this area - ask if they’d enjoy that. 

7. Feet

There are so many nerve endings on the feet - meaning that many people find foot play to be sexy, intimate, and fun. Experiment with licking, sucking, and smelling the toes and feet. Some people love tickling whereas others find it distressing - be sure to communicate to learn about preferences. Another great way to explore foot pleasure is with a sensual foot massage - including a high quality massage oil (love this one CAD / USD) that can be warmed up in a mug of freshly boiled water for a few minutes can add an extra dimension of sensual pleasure.

8. Nipples

Play with a variety of different types of touch with nipples - a lot of porn depicts nipple play as primarily being about pinching or twiddling sensation. While some people may prefer this style of play, others might prefer flicking, tickling, teasing, or light strokes along the nipple - and don’t forget to give some attention to the areola and rest of the chest. Try sucking, kissing, licking and nibbling as well. This is another part of the body that loves a range of sensation from toys, including nipple clamps (shop CAD / USD), feathers (shop CAD / USD) and more.

9. Perineum

The perineum is the sensitive skin that sits between the scrotum and anus, and is a delicious and nerve rich part of the body. It’s sometimes called the ‘taint’ or ‘gooch’. Explore lubing up the perineum and massaging, stroking, licking, and sucking on this area. Activate all of the nerves by teasing and massaging the skin, or, massage more deeply to massage the internal genital structure and internal prostate gland. Some folks find this highly pleasurable or orgasmic. 
Using wand vibrators (shop CAD / USD), vibrating penis rings (shop CAD / USD), and specially designed butt plugs (shop CAD / USD) can also help massage and stimulate the perineum.

10. Scalp

The scalp is also loaded with nerve endings and is an important erogenous zone. Experiment with offering relaxing scalp massages, or using your nails to lightly tease the skin. You can also create different sensations by playing and pulling hair.

Under-serviced erogenous zones ON the genitals:

Base of shaft

The penis extends into the body farther than we can see. The base of the penis is a great spot for influencing blood flow with pressure from your fingers, for using more pressure than is comfortable on other parts of the penis, and even for using cock rings (shop CAD / USD). At the base of the penis, explore putting pressure around the shaft with your index finger and thumb in an 'ok' symbol pushing back towards the body, while your mouth or other hand stimulates the rest of the penis. Open ended strokers (shop CAD / USD) can also add pleasure when playing with the base of the shaft.


The urethra is the pee hole on everyone's body. On penises, ejaculation also happens through the urethra. Because the urethra is connected to the bladder, some people enjoy stimulating it to delight all the delicious nerve endings around the base of the bladder. It can feel sensitive to the point of discomfort for some people, and other people enjoy the fine line between intensity and discomfort. Try playing with your tongue on the urethral opening (pee hole) by dragging your tongue firmly against it or lightly teasing it with slow and intentional licks or holding a vibrator against it to allow sensation to travel. For advanced urethral play, there are also urethral sounds available (shop CAD / USD).


Trying something new can feel intimidating because pleasure might look unfamiliar or you might be in your head comparing types of pleasure. Communication can support your pleasure exploration. Ask your partner if you both can spend some time discovering other hot spots on your bodies. Placing a vibrating wand (shop CAD / USD) or ring (shop CAD / USD) under the scrotum can help amplify the sensations in the testes, as can using a warming or tingling lubricant (shop CAD / USD).



Technically inside the body. A super intense spot that brings deeper pleasure for some people. You can stimulate the prostate internally or externally through the perineum and the space behind the testicles. My Prostate Skills Guide gives you tips, tools and techniques for internal and external prostate play. 

I love this Aneros Helix Syn V Vibrating Silicone Prostate Massager. Great for anyone wanting to build up prostate awareness, pleasure and even orgasm. Shop (CAD/USD)

Exploring other pleasure zones other than genitals means more arousal and more pleasure. Arousal can be amplified if we engage other underserved hot spots on the body - which might lead to full body pleasure, better orgasms, more connection and more fun. You might just discover a bigger or deeper orgasm from engaging more pleasure zones on your body!

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