Do you think missionary sex is boring?

If you’re looking for new ways to refresh this classic position, I’ve got you covered! 

The missionary sex position is generally when the partner on top is giving anal or vaginal penetration to the partner on the bottom. Some people love missionary sex and others don’t get a lot of pleasure out of it. 

Vulva owners receiving penetration from dildos or penises in missionary sometimes find that there isn’t enough contact with the front wall of the vagina. The front wall of the vagina is where stimulation to the internal parts of the clitoris happens. 

During anal sex, some people find that missionary means sharper penetration, which can hurt. Angles are important in penetration, don’t be shy to use a pillow prop under your pelvis to create better angles. Other people love missionary because they enjoy the visual, the power of thrusts, being in a receiving position and depth of penetration. 

If you want to deepen the pleasure of missionary, consider these 5 ways to have hotter missionary sex:

1. Soak up the sensuality in missionary style sex.

Missionary is a position that maximises lots of erogenous zones all at once! Visually, we get to look into our partners eyes or watch their facial expressions or see our own body connecting with theirs. 

Missionary style sex gives easy access to kissing during penetration, to pressing chests together, to pinning wrists or holding hands, and to stimulating multiple hot spots using mouths (e.g nipples, necks, ears and shoulders). People enjoy it for the availability of lots of skin contact, which can increase sensuality, feelings of closeness and connection. Try deepening skin sensations by oiling your bodies up to get a slippery, velvety feel during missionary sex. 

2. Make missionary sex a threesome with a sex toy.

Sex toys can bring in unique and exciting sensations to spice things up in the bedroom. Sex toys to try:

  • Wearable vibrators designed to be used during penetration like the We-vibe Unite 2 USD/CAD.
  • Using a powerful wand vibrator during penetration to add clitoral stimulation. Wand vibrators are really versatile, I like that they can be used on so many parts of anyone's body to create deep sensation. Here's one of my fav wand vibrators that is powerful but easy to hold onto, has a long handle and is great for couples play: Le Wand Petite USD/CAD
  • Wearing butt plugs. The penetrator or the receiver can experience increased pleasure from the anal fullness that butt plugs provide or even prostate stimulation. If you're new to penetrative butt stuff - don't let your eyes be too big for your butt! You might be eyeing a large butt plug, but if you're new or returning to anal play after sometime, you're going to want to start with something smaller like this one: USD/CAD
  • Cock rings - vibrating cock rings can provide pleasure for the wearer and the person being penetrated. Cock rings can be aesthetically arousing to look at, or be used to help lengthen or strengthen erections. Try a simple, textured and flexible cock ring like this one: USD/CAD

3. Try anal missionary sex.

Anal missionary sex is great because of the access to stimulating someone's genitals while they’re being anally penetrated. This combo pleasure move can help relax someone and spread out the pleasure so all the focus isn't only on the anus. 

For vulva owners, receiving anal in missionary means access to double penetration with dildos or fingers, and clitoral stimulation from hands, a sex toy or a partner. For penis owners, anal missionary sex can be a great angle to get more prostate stimulation.

For some givers, the anal missionary position allows for more power and can sort out height issues that might make positions like doggy uncomfortable or tiring. For the receiver, you get a great view of being penetrated and you can relax without having to hold your body up like in doggy style anal.

4. Try kinky missionary style sex. 

Bring in a kinky vibe to add excitement to a familiar position. Get kinky in missionary with these ideas:

  • Experiment with missionary sex in bondage, using ankle and wrist cuffs (USD/CAD). Restraints can be both physically and mentally arousing. 
  • Add nipple clamps (USD/CAD) for one or both people - nipples are an underserved erogenous zone! 
  • Play with sensory deprivation using ball gags (USD/CAD) or blindfolds to change up visual and verbal expressions. Blindfolds are a spicy way to change up sexy things you already enjoy - they take away your vision to allow other senses to heighten.  
  • Add role play to missionary sex with dirty talk or lingerie (e.g. crotchless underwear and collars). 
  • Missionary can reinforce a dominant position of the person on top. Or the person on the bottom can assume a dominant role in controlling the pace and depth of penetration by dirty talking instructions or using their hands or hips to assert power.
5. Explore a new variation on missionary style sex. 

There isn’t just one way to have missionary sex, you can mix up angles and leg positions to create new pleasure. Mix up your missionary with these variations:

  • Use the edge of the bed to have penetrator be standing and the receiver lying on their back, legs spread
  • Putting a pillow or a sex cushion (USD/CAD) underneath the receiver’s body can create a deeper angle for penetration. 
  • Switch up leg positions: try receiver’s feet against the chest of the giver, and crossed ankles with straight legs together resting on the shoulder of the giver
  • Person penetrating can hold one of the receiver’s legs up and back, keeping the other leg straight. 

Talk about these ideas with your partner and co-create new ways of spicing up missionary sex!

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