How do you define pleasure?
Pleasure often gets narrowly defined. Reality is, pleasure can be about a sense of belonging, a chocolate ice cream cone on a hot day (or any day), orgasms, the smell of fresh sheets, a hug, first sip of coffee in the morning...
Tuning into different types of pleasure, including erotic pleasure, can open up possibilities to experience and engage in even more pleasure. 
I asked my Instagram followers how they defined pleasure - and the answers are just gorgeous. 
As something that makes you feel head to toe, emotional, mental and spiritual satisfaction. Erotic, exotic, exciting, thrilling, fun, sensual, stimulating, passionate, caring, connected and full of very good feels!
Pleasure is anything that makes you feel good and fulfills you. For me It can be anything from self massage and deep breathing (yes to the feeling of air filling your lungs), eating and drinking my favorite foods, right now I am trying to redefine pleasure and what brings me pleasure. I know what obviously brings me pleasure but I desire to seek the things that are less obvious. The small pleasures!
The positive sensation that occurs when your brain connects with your body.
It feels good!
Anything that makes me and my partner feel good physically and emotionally. A gentle stroke of a hand, a kiss, sensual whispers, audio or video playtime when we can't be together in person.

Take some time to start to notice moments where the signs of pleasure are happening - what goes on in your body and mind when pleasure is happening? How do you feel? Where do you feel pleasure?

You might also explore sensual practices like edging during partnered or solo sex. Edging can help you get connected to the nuances and layers of your arousal process. Getting curious about your pathway to pleasure can help you intensify sensations and communicate to your partners how you like to be touched. 

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"I'd never been to this kind of workshop before, so I was a bit nervous at first, but Luna was so relaxed she put the whole room at ease and soon we were laughing and discussing creative ideas together."