Meditate. Medicate. Masturbate.

meditate medicate masturbateI have an orchid plant, gifted to me by a sweet human I adore. I talk to it everyday. Named it Bubba. Researched it’s care guidelines, gave it a prominent place amongst my other plants, and I smile every time I see how glorious this plant is.

Recently, Bubba started dropping flowers and I was (dramatically) devastated. I spent more time talking to Bubba, trying to adjust the lighting and getting pokey with the soil. I googled ‘what to do when your orchid starts to drop flowers’.

What I learned is that orchids go dormant, some die, but some have a period of dormancy that quiets their blooming. Who can be in full bloom all the time, right?! Reading about the orchid’s ability to retreat but still live, made me take stock of all the ways I’d been better taking care of this lovely plant’s basic needs than I do of my own. 

I struggle to make time for meditation, to take my medications, to make time for self-pleasure, to rest adequately and to do simple things like eat my veggies and drink water. I find myself often operating as if I don’t have a body – hoping it’ll just keep up with me even if I don’t nurture it.  If I were a plant, I might be dead.

You do you. Whether you practice mindfulness regularly, whether you use medicinal or recreational cannabis and whether or not you masturbate regularly or even have orgasms. The practice of adoring ourselves with the intention of nurturance, pleasure and care is so important and in itself is a radical act in a society that tells us that our worth is connected to how busy we are. 

Whatever brings you peace, healing and pleasure – try to create small moments to take part in these rituals regularly. Be mindful. Take your medicines. Explore the pleasure your body has to give you. And go out of full bloom without shame or regret when you feel the need to.

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