8 Questions and Answers About Pee Play

Watersports, golden showers, Urophilia, piss play...you may already have an immediate and passionate answer to the title question to Pee or Not to Pee - maybe it’s ‘WTF!? NO’ or ‘Yes, I’d be open to try’. Or maybe you’re like many of us who are somewhere along the continuum of curiosity of pee sex. To help you decide to pee or not to pee, read on to learn the answers to 8 Questions About Pee Play.

1. Is it safe?

Urine is sterile (i.e. bacteria free), however, urine passes through the urethra and can pick up common sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as chlamydia and gonorrhea and transmit them between partners. While risk for transmission of STIs exists, it is low compared to other types of sexual behaviour with fluid exchange.

2. Why would anyone get turned on by pee?

Pee play, like all kinds of sex, allures people for many different reasons. Some people like it because it’s taboo, and we’re all taught sanitation habits from a very early age. If you have a vulva, there’s an additional taboo and mystery because you rarely come into contact or even see urine when peeing. Other people like watersports because they bring it into dominant and submissive roleplay. Sometimes this includes golden showers or drinking urine or withholding pee privileges as punishment, reward, worship or humiliation. Many people like it because of the sensations of pee - the warmth, the wetness, the taste and smell.

3. It sounds disgusting...won’t it taste and smell terrible?

Some people enjoy the sensations that come with pee play - the warmth, the colour, the taste and the smell. Others enjoy the act of urinating or controlling urination in a power exchange roleplay more than they get off on the taste, colour or feeling of pee. What might be ‘offensive’ in smell or colour to one person, might intensify the experience for another.

You can try alter the taste, colour and smell of your urine depending on your diet and fluid intake. You can find lots of advice on what to eat or drink, for example, drinking pineapple juice, beer, coffee, water, dandelion tea, etc. Eating asparagus before your golden shower date is going to make a strong-smelling pee for you to play with. Eating beets, will make your pee have a pinkish hue. The more hydrated you are with diuretic fluids (like water, beer or dandelion tea), the more you’re going to have to pee and the clearer/milder your pee will be.

4. Does it mean I’m perverted?

Just because you might be turned on by something that other people consider to fall outside of “normal” sex, doesn’t mean you’re deviant or sick. If you’re aware of the risks, comfortable communicating with your partner to understand what they need to participate enthusiastically and consensually then all it means is that you possess desires that are creative, curious and involve a degree of roleplay. Our mind is our biggest source of erotic pleasure. It takes a bit of opening our minds to understand that things that may not be sexy in a non-erotic context, can feel incredibly sexy when integrated into a sexy roleplay.

5. I’m not into humiliation, isn’t that what watersports is all about?

While we don’t need a pathology to explain every single reason we get turned on by something, people often wonder if being into watersports means that you’re into degrading sex play. Humiliation and degradation is only one flavour or mood that watersports can bring pleasure through. You don’t have to be into humiliation or degradation to enjoy watersports. Many people find watersports sexy because it can involve a greater sense of sensual intimacy by receiving a fluid directly from inside their partner’s body.

Other people find that seeing someone drink or their urine is a demonstration of adoration and acceptance for what their body has produced. And then there are others who enjoy the playfulness that comes with doing something taboo - being naughty for doing something you’re not supposed to do but you’ve found someone to do it consensually with. And finally, there are people who enjoy it simple because their partner gets off on it and they enjoy co-creating pleasure with their partners. Like other fetishes and kink, you can choose to pair watersports with sexy things you already like and get creative with your roleplay. For example if you’re into shower sex, take your piss play into the shower with you.

6. What if I can’t pee in front of someone else?

Pee shyness is a real thing. You may be gung-ho to engage in watersports but seize up anytime the moment comes for you to pee on or in your partner. When we are aroused, it makes it harder for us to pee (regardless if you have a penis or a vulva). You may have the feeling of wanting to pee, but feel internal pressure holding it back. Part of pee shyness is biology and part of it is our minds adhering to peeing in “appropriate places” and usually privately. There are lots of tips and techniques that can decrease pee shyness with a little bit of practice.

7. If I try it, won’t it mean that I have to do it all the time?

You may have a partner that is into pee play, and you may not be turned on by it or be ambivalent about it - but you’re turned on by your partner’s pleasure. If you both consent to try watersports - this doesn’t mean you have to do it every time you have sex. It can be a special part of your play that is inspired by the mood that you’re in. You can also get creative and find ways to integrate pee play into your sexy time without drinking or wearing it. For example, one person holding the other person’s penis while they are urinating into the toilet or kissing while one person is sitting down to pee.

8. Do I have to drink it?

Nope. Pee play isn’t only about wearing or drinking urine. There are many different ways you can integrate an interest in eroticizing piss into your sex play. Watching, wearing, hearing, tasting, etc. Talk with your partner about what you like or don’t like about pee play and find the sexy common ground to play on.

For those that do like drinking pee as part of sex play, Ingesting urine is sexy for a number of reasons:

  • You may enjoy it as part of a ritual - ingesting the fluids of someone’s body into your own as a sign of worship.
  • You may enjoy it because you want the feeling of being filled or being full.
  • You may fantasize about filling someone with waste or fluids from your body.
  • You may enjoy the sensations of drinking pee from ‘the tap’.
  • You might get off on the humiliation or degradation of being objectified as a vessel or a human toilet to be filled
  • You might enjoy the control of filling someone up until they swallow every drop

9. What if I just can't get into it but my partner wants to?

Maybe you're totally not into it, it grosses you out or makes you feel unsafe or just doesn't do it for you - you don't have to do anything that makes you feel any of those things. If you can tease out some of the non-physical sensations your partner wants to experience (e.g. helplessness, being filled, being humiliated) you might discover other ways to get creative that don't involve urine.

  • Maybe your partner is really into pee play and you really want to indulge their fantasy, but you just can’t get your head and horniness into playing with pee and feeling sexy. That’s ok. You have options:
  • Talk to your partner about what they like about pee play. If they are turned on by sensations, you may want to pour warm water onto them while dirty talking about pee. If they are turned on by the taste of it, you might consider peeing into a cup or bowl and then watching them drink it. If they are turned on by scent, perhaps you can pee sprinkle a pair of underwear and give it to them to smell, taste or masturbate with. If they are turned on by the visual of urination - can you consider peeing in front of them while they masturbate or touch other parts of your body?
  • Communicate what you are into. If your partner is into pee play because of the power exchange, for example, talk about what kinds of dominant and submissive things turn you even if pee play doesnt. You may discover more sexual common ground than you imagined and even new territory for you both to sexplore. If there’s absolutely no common ground that relates to pee play in any angle, make that clear and keep the conversation open around other erotic adventures you’d like to have.

Whether you decide to pee or not to pee, think about ways to explore fantasy - you never know what might turn you on!


"I'd never been to this kind of workshop before, so I was a bit nervous at first, but Luna was so relaxed she put the whole room at ease and soon we were laughing and discussing creative ideas together."