All About Daddy Dynamics Webinar


Do you have fantasies about daddy role play?

Daddy role play is a popular fantasy, whether the counter fantasy is of a 'daughter', 'neighbour', 'puppy', bottom or many other hot role play ideas. Daddy role play can be misunderstood, and some people who are into it can feel shame because they think it's wrong or they'll be judged. The reality is kinky play is usually about role play, erotic creativity and sometimes costumes, power, sensuality and connection. Build these skills with knowledge, practice and communication. 

Whether you're a daddy or an admirer of daddies, join this webinar with Luna Matatas and you'll get tips for:

  • Unpacking your daddy fantasy
  • Understanding erotic power exchange, dominance and submission
  • Daddy skills - communication, care, creativity
  • Daddy lover skills - communication, care, creativity
  • Daddy dirty talk
  • Enthusiastic consent
  • Types of Daddies
  • Tips for building bedroom confidence as a daddy or a daddy admirer
  • Navigating challenges, guilt and keeping it fresh
  • Busting gender norms and stereotypes about daddies
  • and more!

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