Booty Bundle - 4 Anal Sex Skills Classes + 2 Digital Guides!

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My Booty Bundle collection brings together three educational webinars that will teach you everything you need to know about seducing, pleasuring, and exploring anal pleasure. With the Booty Bundle, you'll save 20% and unlock a buttload of knowledge and techniques for solo and partner pleasure.

Get the Booty Bundle and save 20% off.

Webinar 1: Seducing the Butt

Discover the art of seducing the butt with this eye-opening webinar. Many have had less-than-ideal first experiences with anal play due to improper preparation and technique. In this class, you'll learn how to create a pleasurable experience by exploring:

  • Anal Pleasure Anatomy: Understand the physical aspects of the anus and its stimulation.

  • Annalingus (Rimming): Explore the joys and techniques of oral anal pleasure.

  • The Joy of Butt Toys: Discover how to incorporate toys for added pleasure.

  • Avoiding Pain: Learn essential tips for avoiding discomfort during anal play.

  • Hygiene and Sexual Health Precautions: Ensure a safe and clean experience.

  • 3 Techniques for External Anal Play: Techniques for external stimulation.

  • Sensation Play: Explore exciting methods like spanking, temperature play, and textures.

  • BONUS: Beginner Butt Stuff Guide - Perfect for those new to the world of anal pleasure.

Webinar 2: Prostate Pleasure Skills

Learn techniques for stimulating the P-spot, "male G-spot", with my in-depth webinar on prostate pleasure. Whether you're exploring solo or partnered play, this session covers:

  • What is the Prostate? Discover the wonders of this pleasure center.

  • Location and Stimulation: Learn techniques to stimulate the prostate effectively.

  • Getting Started with Prostate Play: Tips for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

  • Best Sex Toys for Prostate Play: Explore the right tools for the job.

  • Prostate Milking: Understand the concept and how to practice it.

  • Positions for Prostate Orgasms: Discover positions that enhance pleasure.

**Please note, this webinar contains a nude body demo on a cis man, to provide a more comprehensive understanding of prostate pleasure techniques.

Webinar 3: Eat Booty Like a Champ

Ready to take your anal oral skills to new levels? This webinar focuses on the art of eating ass, a sensual way to experience external anal pleasure. Get skills for rimming and learn:

  • 10+ Techniques to Eat Booty Like a Champ: Master the art of oral anal pleasure.

  • Communication Tips: Learn how to communicate desires and boundaries.

  • Finding Confidence: Embrace giving and receiving analingus with confidence.

  • Techniques for Seducing the Butt: Build anticipation and excitement.

  • Positions for Ass Eating: Explore different positions for optimal pleasure.

  • Navigating Common Challenges: Address common concerns and issues.

  • Rimming Fantasies and Role Play: Add an element of excitement to your play.

  • Rimming Prep, Hygiene, and Safety: Ensure a clean and safe experience.

Webinar 4: Pegging Skills

Ready to strap it on for anal sex? Whether you're the peggee or the pegger, my Pegging Skills webinar covers everything from communication to equipment to positions. You'll learn:

  • What’s so hot about strapping it on?
  • Choosing a dildo and strap-on harness for anal strap-on sex
  • Discovering the hotness of pegging for the giver and receiver
  • How to take your pegging fantasy into real life
  • Positions, props and body hacks for pegging
  • Preparation for anal sex with a strap-on
  • Tips for the Top (giver)
  • How to be the Best Bottom (receiver)
  • Seducing the butt for pegging
  • Prostate play and pegging
  • Deeping connection between pegging partners with communication
  • Sensual pegging and warming up for pegging

Beginner Butt Stuff Digital Guide

Great for newbies - 15 pages of beginner butt prep, training and booty toy shopping tips. I cover topics like:

  • Anal anatomy
  • Choosing the best butt plugs for beginner to intermediate play
  • Options for prepping for anal
  • Exploring lube and anal accessory options

Prostate Play Skills Digital Guide 

My guide has 19 pages of tips and suggestions for how to get started and how to keep exploring. I cover topics like:

  • Anal Anatomy
  • Prostate Anatomy
  • Busting Butt Sex Myths
  • P-spot Techniques
  • P-spot Pleasure Positions
  • Solo Prostate Play
  • Prostategasms
  • Erections and P-spots

BONUS: I've included my Top Toys for P-spot Pleasure!


 Get the Booty Bundle and save 20% off. 

By purchasing the Booty Bundle, you'll be equipped with a wealth of knowledge and skills that will empower you to enjoy enhanced pleasure and intimate experiences. Embrace your booty curiosity and explore the realm of butt pleasure with my anal expert webinars. Don't miss this opportunity to save 20% with the Booty Bundle!

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