What's hot (and not hot) about 69?

69ing is a style of oral sex where you are head to toe with your partner. Usually you’re both giving oral and manual stimulation to genitals and/o...

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Hot Tips for Fingering

What’s hot about vaginal fingering? Fingers are sex toys we always have on us.  Fingering can target the important hotspots like G-spots or A-spot...

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Q & A with Luna: Is It Selfish to Not Reciprocate Oral?

Is it selfish that I want my partner to give me oral sex but I don’t want to do it to them? Here’s my answer: Yes and no. Yes, taking care of your ...

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Hot Tips and Toys for G-spot Joy

LOOKING FOR G-SPOT JOY?! Tips and Toys for G-spot pleasure!  Come hither G-spot lovers! Curious about G-spot stimulation? Swipe through to learn a...

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"I'd never been to this kind of workshop before, so I was a bit nervous at first, but Luna was so relaxed she put the whole room at ease and soon we were laughing and discussing creative ideas together."