Are more expensive vibrators better than cheaper vibrators?

Vibrators are sexy toys and tools that can do all kinds of things that bodies can’t do. They can really expand the kinds of sex and pleasure that is possible - whether in solo or partnered play. And, there are so so many choices when shopping for sex toys. 

Are bigger vibrators better? Are more expensive sex toys better? Are cheaper sex toys not as good?

Read on for some tips on shopping for sex toys while minding your pleasure budget. 

Why are some vibrators more expensive than others? 

More powerful vibrations.

Generally expensive vibrators tend to have stronger or more sophisticated internal motors. This might mean that certain functions like thrusting or circling will be more powerful. Wand-style vibrators (I’m thinking about the Vibratex Magic Wand or Le Wand!) are known for their powerful rumbling vibrations, however some cheaper versions don’t have powerful enough motors to deliver those deep sensations. Higher-priced sex toys with motors are usually quieter too - which is great if you need to minimise the buzzing noises. 

Better sex toy warranties.

Higher price tag might mean a more comprehensive or longer warranty. Some sex toys come with a one-year warranty, but many high-end sex toy companies have two, 10 or even lifetime warranties. Companies like LELO and Fun Factory are known for having good warranties, and high quality sex shops often have an in-house warranty for their vibrators.

More features.

More money can sometimes mean more features or unique sensations. Dual-action sex toys, like rabbit-style vibrators, are more expensive because they have multiple vibrating and moving parts. Unique sensations like thrusting, rotating, suction, or tapping vibrators can cost more to manufacture - especially if the materials are higher quality inside and out. 

Rechargeable vs. battery-operated

Many expensive toys are rechargeable - and often vibrators these days are charged via USB - which is great for travel! You can find inexpensive toys that are rechargeable too, however, for the most part affordable sex toys are battery operated. Batteries aren’t bad, but can be an annoyance if they die in the middle of your masturbation session. If you do end up using a battery vibe, be sure to remove the batteries between uses to prolong the life of the batteries and the toy.

Innovative sex toy designs.

Expensive toys sometimes are more ergonomic to use. The research and development into higher-end sex toys sometimes means more innovation and desires that can adapt to more bodies. You might find longer-handles, flexible necks or arms and more cushioning for soft comfort. This is great for folks with disabilities or mobility concerns that are seeking accessible and adaptable sex toys.

Storage cases.

Expensive vibrators also usually come with better sex toy storage bags or cases, and sometimes even educational materials on fun and creative ways to use the vibrator. It's great to keep your vibrators in their own separate storage as a good sex toy care practice.  Washing, drying and putting them in their own storage can help reduce chances of dust and bacteria build up on vibrators in-between uses.

Here are my top 6 higher-priced sex toy favorites that are worth the money:

Fun Factory Stronic Real
Shop USD / CAD

b-Vibe Rimming Plug 
Shop USD / CAD

Lelo Mona 2
Shop USD / CAD


 We-Vibe Nova 2 
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Womanizer Premium 2
Shop USD / CAD

Magic Wand Rechargeable
Shop USD / CAD


How do you know if a pricier vibrator is worth the money? Is there anything specific you should look for when purchasing a vibrator?

You can do a little research about the company - are they established? Are they adding something unique to the vibrator space? Or participating in corporate social responsibility? The brand might embody values you want to spend your money on, or perhaps have design features that are important to you.

 When choosing between all the options for vibrators, consider:

  1. What is the sex toy made of? It’s important to buy vibrators made of body-safe materials like 100% silicone. Avoid vibrators made of jelly/rubber or PVC. You can find silicone vibrators in mid-level and expensive-level price ranges. If you’d like to get an inexpensive vibe that’s body-safe, aim for vibes made from hard ABS plastic, which is non-porous.

  2. What features are important to you? Think about what features are important to you. Do you want a waterproof sex toy? Do you need a quiet vibrator? Do you want to use it internally, externally or both? Do you want to use it for anal and vaginal play? Prioritise your needs and think less about the branding of the vibrator.
  3. What’s your budget? If you’re a newbie to vibrators - you don’t need to go super expensive to get a good sex toy, but only focusing on budget could lead you to cheaper sex toys that cheap out on sensation too. My advice would be to get a toy without a lot of frills, that can be used internally or externally, and has the ability to easily go between less intense and more intense vibration. And don’t forget a good quality lube!

  4. What is your collection missing, what’s new on the market? If you’re already a vibrator enthusiast, explore vibrators with more features, different shapes and textures. You might already know whether you like buzzy or rumbly vibrators or whether you like suction or thrusting features, so you can also explore with inexpensive vibrators if you’re not ready to commit the cash yet. You can explore new features at a lower price tag and then upgrade if you’re invested in the sensation. Some toys in the higher end price category are incomparable - they are worth the cash. 

    Here are my top 6 budget-friendly (under $100) toys:

     Lovehoney G-Slim 
    Shop USD / CAD


    Lovehoney Rose Toy
    Shop USD / CAD


    Lovehoney Mini Wand
    Shop USD / CAD


    12 Function Bendable Beads
    Shop USD / CAD

    12 Function Bendable Beads
    Shop USD / CAD

    Desire Luxury C Ring
    Shop USD / CAD


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