All bodies can have erections (clits get erect too), erections are not always a sign of readiness for sex, and there is lots of pleasure to be had without erections. So many erogenous zones on the body to arouse. New sensations, like butt pleasure, can sometimes redirect the pleasure pathway you're familiar with and your body might have different, but still enjoyable responses. If you do want to explore an@l and erections, these are some tips.

Reasons Why You Might Not Have An Erection With Butt Stuff

  • Bum pleasure + penis pleasure can feel like sensory overload
  • Butt pleasure might inspire a hyperfocus of arousal
  • Your body's pleasure response is the way it is.
  • Erections might be used to a certain kind of non-anal stimulation and 'switch off' during butt stuff.
  • Butt stuff might feel good in a different way that penis pleasure does.
  • Feeling nervous or worried about mess or pain can distract from pleasure.
  • Feeling ashamed or stressed about not having an erection.
  • Prostate pleasure can feel intense and provoke sensation deep in the body away from penis sensation.

Things To Try To Maintain Erections During Butt Stuff

  • Practice solo and get hard while playing externally with your butt.
  • When erect, let the insertion stay still in your butt, no thrusting. Clench and release on it in between stroking.
  • Slow everything way down. Being goal-oriented can keep you in your head and out of your body. Give your penis and anus time to adjust to the new sensations.
  • Stimulate separately. Alternate focused vigorous attentions between penis and anus.
  • Train your butt with a smaller hands-free toy that vibrates. Masturbate on a low setting and increase as you feel a stronger erection.
  • Try edging then playing with your anus and going back to edging if you lose your erection.

If you're having a great time without an erection during anal - AWESOME! It might just be what your arousal looks like.

Pleasure comes in many different forms.

Let your partner know what YOUR pleasure looks like.


"I'd never been to this kind of workshop before, so I was a bit nervous at first, but Luna was so relaxed she put the whole room at ease and soon we were laughing and discussing creative ideas together."