I have a new roommate. Britney the Sex Doll. 

*This post is a partnership with Tantaly - it was fun checking out their high quality sex dolls!*

I have always been intrigued sex dolls. I think many people who enjoy them are both happy they found something that suits their pleasure - and many also feel shame about their desire and use of a sex doll. You know I'm big on less shame and more pleasure when it's consensual and includes harm reduction!

Stigma does exist about sex dolls and some people are uncomfortable with them or find them degrading. I have my preferences for types of sex dolls I find more appealing and there are ones out there that are close to universally creepy (which maybe is the appeal?) You definitely don't have to be into something if you're not into it.

But, If you or your partner is into sex dolls - you might be curious about exploring ways to use them. You can explore fun with new sensations and heightened fantasies with sex dolls on your own or with a partner.  

So, why do people use sex dolls?

I used to be unsure about what the appeal of sex dolls were, and then I did a little research to unpack the stereotype I had in my head. Let's bust some myths first - using a sex doll doesn't make you deviant. Using sex toys doesn't make you deviant. Most sex toys are created to give new stimulation to our erogenous zones, like penises, nipples, anuses and vulvas. 

Sex dolls are an upgrade and investment compared to traditional masturbation sleeves. There are many different kinds of sex dolls from hyper realistic to less realistic and more fantasy-inspired. You can find torso or bum only sex dolls. dolls are often found replicating the fantasy bodies you see in porn - so you definitely are going to see sex dolls that have hyper-sexualized features and exaggerated fantasy breasts, holes or penises - that probably don't capture what real human bodies look like (for example, Britney's skin tone probably would mean her nipples in real life would be darker, not pink). They tend to be marketed towards cisgender men of all sexual orientations. There can be a visual stimulation from sex dolls hyper-exaggerated features, much like the appeal of Hentai or mainstream porn in general. It gives us a little drama for our erotic imagination and can blur the edges of our fantasies. 

Britney, from Tantaly.com

Here are three ways people use sex dolls.

1. Change up your masturbation with a sex doll.

Fantasy is a big part of most people's masturbation. We use our erotic imaginations and our brain sends signals of arousal to the rest of our body. This opens up blood flow and makes our erogenous zones more sensitive to stimulation. Sex dolls can be about adding another type of fantasy to your masturbation. You might get a different experience from using a sex toy that has attributes of a human body. 

2. Have a "Threesome" with your partner using a sex doll. 

Threesome fantasies are about so many things - you might be interested in another person for different reasons. With a sex doll you can try watching your partner use it, use it on your partner, you can live out a specific threesome fantasy like "cheating" on your partner, or having more holes available or being a voyeur. Talk to your partner about how a sex doll might be a way to feel out some of the threesome deliciousness without actually involving another person. 

3. Discover new sensations using a sex doll. 

Our erotic imagination LOVES new stimuli. Sometimes that's visual, sometimes it's about tangible sensations - in either case, our brain-body connection uses our senses as part of building arousal. Sex dolls add texture, weight and visual stimulation to your play.

Sex dolls can provide unique sensations - especially high quality ones. Anuses or vaginas on sex dolls may have inner tunnels that have unique textures that give a different sensation during penetration. Some people enjoy the textures of the toy - they are usually dual density - which means they might feel soft to touch on top and have dense but flexible inner layers. 

If you're intrigued but not sure - start with masturbation sleeves. Think about why you want a sex doll, what sensations or fantasies you want to fulfill and what type you might be interested in. 

Britney will definitely be making an appearance as a demo bottom in some of my upcoming webinars so I can show some hands-on techniques!



"I'd never been to this kind of workshop before, so I was a bit nervous at first, but Luna was so relaxed she put the whole room at ease and soon we were laughing and discussing creative ideas together."