NEW! Fupa Supremacy Storage Bag


Fupa Supremacy Storage Bag

What's a FUPA? FUPA is Fat Upper Pussy Area - the voluminous, chubby part of the upper genital/pelvis area. Not the lower stomach. Think of it as the cushion for the foreheads that eat like a champ. 

Pack your FUPA supplies in here - lube, vibrators, safer sex supplies, snacks! Whether you're traveling for sexy reasons or not, organizing smaller items or storing sex toys - this cute and cotton canvas bag is machine washable and has a strong zipper. 

*items shown in photo inside of the bag are NOT included. You'd be purchasing the bag ONLY.

Made from 100% cotton 16oz super strong quality canvas.
Heavy-duty #5 zipper closure keep contents clean and secure
Size: 12.5" by 7" color: Black
Machine washable

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