Peg the Patriarchy® Sex Toy Storage Bag


Peg the Patriarchy® Sex Toy Storage Bag

It's a great day to Peg the Patriarchy®! Luna Matatas coined the phrase Peg the Patriarchy® in 2015 and now it's on a cute storage bag for all your naughty or nice things!

Tuck away your sex toys, bondage stuff and other accessories in this cute and cotton canvas machine washable zipper pouch. This generous sized storage/travel bag can help you keep your things organized, discrete or store your adult toys loud and proud! Pouches are great for organizing rope, kinky items or even just everyday things like toiletries, travel stuff or other personal items.

*the toys in the picture are shown to give an idea of capacity, but are not included with the bag*


Made from 100% cotton 16oz super strong quality canvas.
Heavy-duty #5 zipper closure keep contents clean and secure
Size: 12.5" by 7" color: Black
Machine washable


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